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Message from the Chair of the PTA

Hello everyone,

Just a quick update from the PTA team. We have had another successful start to fundraising since September. The support in attendance for the discos and Christmas fair was fantastic and I can only say a big thank you. The return of Christmas cards/mugs also generated a lot of interest and has helped to raise £600. With your continued support this made it possible to fund the Christmas meal for all children as well as a little gift from Santa!

This however only scratches the surface, behind the scenes we have funded a SEN reading scheme and the introduction of learning journals for all pupils from year 3 upwards.

The year 6 children were a great help at the Christmas fair, designing and running their own games. They raised £300 and this money has been pledged straight back to them as a year group to buy resources around their current learning topics.

As it stands, I have lots of ideas, some big and some small. My goal is to continue to support the teachers and the staff in providing a fun environment in which our children can really succeed and enjoy their education. With this in mind, all I ask is for your continued support in any way possible so that we can continue to provide additional resources and fun experiences for the children. 

Currently, we still only have myself, Penny Shipley and Nikki Thomas as active roles on the committee. We have been blessed with support from parents/carers at our events and some new parents coming to our half termly meetings. If anyone can offer help, it would be greatly appreciated. We have one meeting each half term and the value this brings to the children is vast through the events and funding that we achieve.

If you have any ideas or suggestions please contact me through the office also.


Again I would just like to say a big thank you for your continued support.

Gavin Restall
Chair of the PTA